Economic Impact

Rapid growth in ship traffic and cargo tonnage in recent years has dramatically increased the overall economic impact benefits generated by the Calhoun Port Authority. Thousands of American families depend on the Matagorda Ship Channel for their livelihood. Raw materials and products moving through the port have a vital economic and strategic importance for our nation.

A study by Martin Associates of Lancaster, Pa., reports that the public and private marine terminals on the Matagorda Ship Channel generate more than 48,000 jobs nationwide. It also found that the port helps generate annual business revenues of nearly $12.32 billion.

The economic impact study finds that the port is an important economic catalyst for Texas and the Gulf Coast. The study looked at marine cargo activity in the year 2015 and the findings are based on interviews with 246 firms connected in some way to the terminals along the channel.

The study concluded that 48,387 jobs are dependent on business activity related to the Calhoun Port Authority with an impact of 2.596 billion million a year in overall personal income. Approximately 3,817 direct jobs are generated by port-related activity including manufacturing, transportation, construction and services. As a result of purchases by those holding the direct jobs, an additional 4,617 induced jobs are supported throughout the economy. An estimated 2,441 indirect jobs are also dependent on the seaport.

 Activity at the public and private marine terminals generated $69.5 million of direct, induced and indirect state, county and local taxes. The related users of the marine terminals along the Matagorda Ship Channel generated $125.2 million of state and local tax impacts, for a total state and local tax impact of $194.7 million in 2015.

The study found that port-related businesses generated $2.0 billion in annual revenues, excluding the value of cargo shipped through the marine terminals. Another $164.8 million of indirect revenue was generated with local suppliers of goods and services of firms directly dependent upon cargo activity.

Principal commodities making up the waterborne commerce on the Matagorda Ship Channel include chemicals, fertilizer, petroleum products and bauxite. A significant fishing industry also utilizes the waterway.

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